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Who we are:

A+ Nannies originally opened in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001. Since then, they have opened 4 additional locations and has recently branched into Austin, Dallas & Houston Texas.  The owner is a mother of 5 herself; ranging from 3 years old to 14 years old.  She has been in the nanny industry since 1993 and continues to love it!  It is truly her passion to find wonderful nannies and successfully placing them with loving, caring families.


What we do:

A+ Nannies has a variety of services to ease the hassle of finding professional childcare.  We place full time/part time nannies, temporary nannies, on call babysitters (for in home or hotels/resorts), and newborn specialists/sleep trainers.  Should you find a nanny on your own, we can run our rigorous background checks on your nanny for a nominal fee of  $300.00.  We offer this because we feel that having a properly screened nanny is very important! A+ Nannies, Inc.


Where we get our candidates:

We use our rigorous screening process when selecting candidates, so it does not matter “where” we get our candidates because they are all screened exactly the same.  We do use online sources, college boards, referrals from placed nannies, and job posting boards.  We are very selective on the candidates that we bring onboard, which is why most of our families only interview 2-3 candidates before making a hire (of course, you can interview as many as you would like).


*All permanent nannies have to meet our agency requirements, undergo a criminal background check, social security trace, past address history, driving record check, national criminal check, cleared a the sex offender’s registry and drug testing.




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Testimonial from A. Kleingartner - "Barbara came into our house as a newborn specialist and immediately made a difference with our newborn daughter. She gave us the much needed break during the night. We could both tell from the first night she arrived that Barb has a special connection with newborns and is a real professional at her job. The only regret anyone will have in hiring her, is the day she leaves."