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Babysitters and Temporary Nannies

Dallas Babysitters / Temporary Nannies

An A+ Nannies babysitter supervises the children. She puts their safety first and tends to their needs as requested by the parents. A babysitter will not have any household duties. She will have a minimum of two years experience, not including children they are related to. Babysitters are paid hourly and are hired on an irregular basis. 

Average pay: $16-22 per hour

Our services include evening & weekend sitters, hotel babysitting (for out of town guests), on call sitters (in absence of regular child care), sick care programs (when daycare is not an option), event help (weddings, conventions, etc.), and much more!!

Many of our babysitters are:

  • Current or former nannies who are available weekends and/or evenings.
  • College students who are majoring in early childhood education or a related field.
  • People with teaching or daycare experience.
  • Mothers, who have raised their own children and wish to continue working with kids.
  • ALL babysitters have their own transportation and are legal to work.
  • ALL have been extensively screened through a personal interview* and references checked directly by telephone.
  • ALL have cleared a National (38 state) Criminal Background Check & National (all available) Sex Offender Check
There are NO application fees or registration fees to use our "on call" temporary service.  You only pay when you use the service. 

*The Monthly Program has an initial set up fee of $50.00 because we set up the SAME sitter for you every week (this takes more time).

Temporary Nanny/Sitter Fees:

  • Monthly Program: $125.00/month, gives you one use per week (same sitter), $50.00 initial set up fee
  • With 72 hours notice: $40.00 per day to the agency + the Nanny's hourly rate
  • Less than 72 hours notice: $50.00 per day to the agency + the Nanny's rate
  • Overnight Care:  $40.00 per day to the agency + the Nanny's rate
  • Holiday: $50.00 per day to the agency + the Nanny's rate
  • There is ALWAYS a 4 hour minimum required


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