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Baby Nurse / Newborn Specialist

Dallas Newborn Specialist  (a.k.a Baby Nurse, Night Nanny)

A Newborn Specialist is hired to care for your baby if you decide that you need some temporary help.  A post-natal helper will assist in all newborn needs that take place during the day or night. They will feed, burp, diaper, rock, sing, administer medicine (upon parent's approval), etc. A post-natal helper may work as little as a week or may work until that new little one is on a regular sleeping schedule. A Newborn Specialist must have experience with newborns and may have experience with multiples and/or preemies.


A Newborn Specialist has more experience than a night nanny.  She can teach how to swaddle, burping positions, bathing routines, and even help with getting the baby on a sleep schedule.  A Newborn Specialist may help with the infants laundry, and any care of the infant.


Average pay (Baby Nurse): $25+/hr Singleton, $30+/hr Twins, $35+/hr Triplets 


Consultation: If you would like all of the information needed to help your little one get on a schedule / sleep through the night, both phone and in home consultations are available.  Please call or email Jennifer Sinicrope for more information - 512-660-7587 or jenn@aplusnanniesinc.com


Agency Fees

  • $50.00 per day to the agency + the Post-Natal Helper's / Night Nanny's rate
  • $250.00 per week to the agency + the Post-Natal Helper's / Night Nanny's rate
  • $600.00 per month to the agency + the Post-Natal Helper's / Night Nanny's rate
  • $200 interviewing fee - should you decide not to allow us to pick the best candidate
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